Best way to check if my account is compromised
by shuttle12345 - 01-18-2019, 11:40 AM
Hi, what could be the best way to check if my account has been compromised?
I changed all my passwords of course
You could try sending yourself a virus as a picture named "my n00dz" or something and see if you get a bite by the person monitoring the account.
U can use the site to check if your email are present in any leak, or check how many time one specific password was leaked. Shy

When is possible enable the 2fa Biggrin

and check if you computer dont had any malware/bot installed/running Exclamation
Just fetch the database from here where you think your password is part of and check for yourself :D
If it's account compromised, two things you should do:

1. Secure the original email because that's how most people trick support staff into resetting the account
2. Change all passwords obv but use a password manager like 1Password and enable 2FA (or U2F if you want to be more secure since SMS isn't that good)
U can use the site to check if your email are present in any leak

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