Best pizza you had?
by maniana147 - 01-18-2019, 04:11 PM
I will not pass judgement until I have tried it.
Kebab pizza with Jalapenos and garlic sauce
My favorite pizza is the shrimp pizza
Pizza with kebab - the best
pizza with extra much pepperoni sausage
Peperoni + jelepeno, perfect combo for mine taste.
My favorite pizza is this pizza called the "Black and Blue." It has steak and bleu cheese. It is fantastic, I highly recommend it.
this sounds fucking incredible.
The best pizza is the last before the next.

Really, I'm a fan of pepperoni and also margarita.
Dollar slices in the city are amazing. There are so many options in the city. My favorite topping is probably pep. Buffalo chicken pizza is good af.
Garlic and cheese pizza.
Also refereed to white pizza in America I believe. I'm a simple guy when it comes to food.
i had pita pizza which was pita bread with sauce and cheese which was crazy, no meat tho :(

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