Best pizza you had?
by maniana147 - 01-18-2019, 04:11 PM
I honestly just had kebab pizza it mixes two best foods together, mmmmmmm.
There is a place by me that makes a white pizza that is perfect for onions and pineapple....its a perfect sweet and salty blend.
Bring on the shame.
Plain old margarita.
A guy at a local pizza place recommended a pizza with bbq sauce, chicken, pineapple, bacon and jalapenos, sooooo good! It was the perfect combo of salty/spicy/sweet.
Probably one from Santa Monica, just a small place but one of the best I've had. Usual type, pepperoni and all that.
crunchy thin crust, pepperoni from Dominos pizza.
it's like cured meat crackers.
Chicken alfredo pizza is fucking great
Well i'm in UK soooo Tongue And you sick sick people putting pineapple on pizza. SICK! Tongue
The contents of a cheeseburger mashed up and put onto a pizza.
dominos with cheese inside the crust
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we have a local pizza on my city
that makes a pizza called piza royal
with chicken shrimp ground beef
pizza with buffalo mozzarella, cooked ham and black olives, with a sprig of origan (or two basil leaves),
real Italian pizza Tongue

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