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Best phone thread
(04-09-2015, 04:56 PM)alangoose Wrote:  I think i might be a phone hoarder
My regular is the moto g 1032 rooted with cynogenmod and always on the latest beta 
my secondary phone is a blackberry curve 9300 
my tridarry phone is a lg flip phone 

None of them have sims and i keep them around all the time as music players I have about 11 gigs roughly on me, 

How about that berry black
The curve 9300 is a nice little java phone, It can even play most youtube videos, 

Its a nice little phone to have. I get like a day and half charge on it, I feel like a true canadien. 
Nokia brick is best fon.
(04-11-2015, 09:24 AM)Senpai notice me or else Wrote:  Nokia brick is best fon.

It can also be a Personal Defense Weapon
I have an S4 and I like it a lot. I had an S2 and it was great too. The phones are hella durable. I really want to to get the S6 Edge because they took the great features and speed of the Galaxy line, and paired it with some amazing engineering that they really needed. The glass back and the screen are ridiculously durable. Even more so than the iPhone 6. The wrapped screen is dope and makes the phone look a lot better than you would think.
oneminusone keks
Iphone 6+ niggerniggerngigerg

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