Best music to listen to while coding/gaming
by TheRealCr4xy - January 16, 2017 at 05:34 PM
I usually just pick a random Spotify radio
Alan Walker by far!
Thanks for reminding me of infected mushroom. Forgot about them lol
if ur doing it easily and its not pissing u off then classical seems to work well cause ur in the zone anyway

if its long, tedious and just generally annoying blast techno or something to stop urself nodding off

(note: getting blowjobs is also highly recommended while coding or gaming it just seems to work so well)
to get myself into "scriptkiddymode" : random Drum and Base or Neurofunk from Youtube
This guy always helps me while coding Smile

I used to listen to RAP, it depends into what makes you concentrate and relax.
i suggest something with a nice bass but kinda slowed. that is my normal music for programming

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