Best anime ever?
by ibreak87 - 11-30-2018, 10:23 PM
You all know a best anime to view?
Thanks for the response.
(11-30-2018, 10:23 PM)ibreak87 Wrote: You all know a best anime to view?
Thanks for the response.

cowboy bebop
+1 for cowboy bebop all day everyday
cowboy beebop is very cool, I almost cried in the end when she dies .... and he too ...
however as far as I'm concerned it's impossible to answer, they are too many and too cool .....

but.... evangelion is not bad, and then berserk and also vagabond ....
then one piece, naruto, and arms ...
but they are only drops in the middle of the ocean and they are only the first that come to mind

and then blue submarine n 6 epic !!!

I forgot ... I grew up with Kenshiro

then ninja scroll, akira, alita and all the others.....
Why tf does everyone like cowboy bebop? shit sucked. Boring storyline. Animation is "ok" for an older anime. Ontop of that, everyone praises the soundtrack. The soundtrack is jazz. Jazz sucks. Boring anime couldn't make it through like 4 eps.
I'd rank cowboy Bebop up there as one of the best as well, +1. As all anime, it may lot be for everyone but it's a pretty big niche. And it has a corgi in it.
Hands down guilty crown.
Zeta Gundam, or Stand Alone Compex
Sword Art Online, Attack On Titan
death note by far, a lot of thinking involved and stuff you wouldn’t expect
i'm not sure about deathnote. the first half was cool but the second half was just too slow paced for me. cowboy bebop is pretty cool but one of my faves is fullmetal alchemist

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