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Best VPN
I would suggest you to go to digitalocean or any other similar company, but I find DO the best. Buy $5/month VPS and configure it as VPN as you are your own master now you can connect to your server with open VPN...

also keep in mind that you may leak your dns or other things so be careful...

Downside: you are stuck with one country you pick at the start when you choose where your servers would be located. 

pm me if you need help or more details Wink
shadowssock and open vpn .. or may build your own with vulrt
HMA is find. I mean they have a number of servers. You can set your preferences. It's cheap, not complicated.
I've been told to never use a US based VPN, is there any truth to that? I would think it wouldn't really matter, considering the reach of the NSA.
KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is my favourite - but beware not to pay for their full price, they do a lot of discount campaings. A bit of searching and you'll find something.
Maybe this spreadsheet that compares many vpns will help you decide: link for spreadsheet
I use a VPN for iPhone, it's a free app named HostVPN. I think it works fine..
On my PC I use Opera VPN included in the web browser, connection speed is pretty good.

Hope this helps!
There's no such thing as the best VPN provider in my eyes. Every VPN has different pros&cons depending on a number of factors - budget, security, streaming accessibility and etc.

I personally use surfshark, as they had a great deal going for a 2-year subscription. So far I'm happy with the provider, as they offer top quality speed and security features.
What are you planning to do with your vpn?
IPVanish since NordVPN is blacklisted on many sites
I have heard good things about Express.
i have to say nord cause it good for hacking
they say they dont keep logs who knows

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