Poll: Best tea
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10 37.04%
English breakfast

11 40.74%
Earl Grey

4 14.81%
Lady Grey

1 3.70%

0 0%

0 0%
Oo long

0 0%
Fruit (specify plz in comment)

1 3.70%

0 0%

0 0%
Total 27 vote(s) 100%
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Best Tea (britfags only)
I recently got into drinking tea without milk or sugar, and have gotten into trying loads of different types of teas. So this poll is for britfags only to decide the superior tea (britfags only because amerifags don't know shit about good tea).
Green tea for that crazy anorexia rank metabolism, Peach ice tea for the taste.
Nah I actually like the taste of green
british so english breakfast
>British so english breakfast
Boring fajit.
Drink bleach its alot better than tea
Ban reason: Was given second chance but continued scamming users, [email protected] (Permanent)
Kappa nice,, now kys
I dont like tea so kys Kappa
pepper mint or riot
Irish Breakfast Heart
These are the only 10, war will be waged on others later you fags.
lmao why rate tea when you can pour it all in the harbor

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