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Best Password Manager
I wanted to change my password manager... What do you suggest?
I have one password but I'm not happy with it...
id suggest you keepass

I also suggest keepass
You should really consider the difference between hosting locally and hosting "on the cloud" with a service like keypass. You would be probably perfectly happy with Keepass (one of the most popular right now) if you're down to simply use keepass as a local file. Just be aware that instead of putting your trust in many sources to keep your data safe, you're putting it in a single source. So the bits of entropy on the master password should be very strong and you don't EVER use that password for anything except the keepass file.
Also remember that somebody who has full access to your PC (RAT or whatever) is going to find Keepass incredibly convenient. Take precautions and look into this properly because it's important (This should be evident by the types of topics you see on Raidforums...)
I second hypernautic, mostly because I'm him
Ban reason: Do not multi account. (Permanent)
If you know the cryptography, I advise you to create your own passwords.
KeePass 2 my nigger!!
Use KeePass, One got hacked.
(06-25-2017, 10:15 AM)micko05 Wrote:  If you know the cryptography, I advise you to create your own passwords.

What advantage would that give other than bragging rights?
Also, it's not as simple as this. A password manager isn't just about encyrpting passwords. It's about managing the encrypted passwords. Password encryption is just a small factor in this.
Literally no idea why you suggested this over using a password manager such as keepass.
Just send your passwords to me, I will keep them safe for you. no joke no scam
Keepass is the only option, stay off the cloud.
Keepass for pws is always a good decision...

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