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[Beginner] How to Dox
I'm assuming if you've clicked on this link you're interested in learning how to dox, or to expand your knowledge on the subject a bit to become better at it. I'm here to somewhat revamp an older doxing tutorial found somewhere on this forum. 

Original tutorial

Ok, so, where to begin. People start at different points when it comes to doxing so I assume it's best to simply explain what a dox is in the first place. A dox is a piece of information that contains public information on the person that normally wouldn't be found online unless someone deliberately went online and tried to find it and will more than likely attempt to release it. Doxing is not found to be illegal unless you are attempting to acquire a person's SSN, in which case I suggest a VPN to be used while attempting to get one. 

A simple dox can contain:
Social Media Accounts
Life Events

So all in all it doesn't seem so hard so far just to acquire that information does it? Well in all honestly, it isn't if you start off with the right information. Let's start this off bluntly, you're more than likely not going to get anywhere with simply and IP, or at least I will not list how in this tutorial. An IP will get you a simple geolocation and an ISP, of which you can attempt to do an ISP dox with hella social engineering skills, again, of which I will not furthermore go into with this tutorial.

Usefu Dox Links
The website above contains quite a few useful links which can lead you to finding your target, some how, and some way.

The method I will be teaching today will be a simple Facebook method, which is useful to beginners that are looking to get some basic information on the person they're searching for. Say you're attempting to dox a YouNow streamer, in their bio they list their city, no state, but do however link a facebook account to their profile on that website. Simple! Just go on their profile, search for relatives, if there aren't any attempt to go through their friends list and search for people with the same last name and see if they've listed the previous person as a relative.

Now we're getting somewhere! Alright, now that you have (more than likely) their parent's name, assuming the facebook link you clicked on belonged to a person under 18, which a minor can be very hard to find on the internet, and for good reason. Take that name, and the city they listed in their YouNow profile, and pop that information into a site such as and from there it becomes easy. 

Please note, if you have any of the information such as a phone number and put it in whitepages, that may also work to help you complete your dox.

After searching your victims name and a list of people pops up, it's time for our process of elimination. Head back to their facebook profile and attempt to find an age, and there you have it. Whitepages should suggest an approximate age of the person you're looking for, along with a city, state, address, zip code, and in some cases a home phone number. You may have to go back to facebook and look up the person's SO assuming he/she has one, this can thoroughly help slim down the results.

Next comes a doxing template, which if you're going to make one, at least put forth some effort into making it look somewhat nice! For example, my doxing template that I had come up with, can be found here:
Doxing templates make it look much more professional while at the same time keeping it simple and easy to read.

This has been my tutorial on how to dox someone! Thanks for reading through all of it and some feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, helped me understand quite a few things.
Um i think That Encouraging the illegal acquisition of SSNs is illegal and im pretty sure that would violate forum rules
Ty for tips bby
Nice tips. Some simple tips to help people.
Thanks man, I've actually been trying to dox and this helps alot
thanks for clearing some things for me :^)
looool now i can doxxx ppls tnx XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Paypal method is the best.
miunecraft si fgtott game
(10-04-2016, 02:12 PM)57f3a918d217c Wrote:  Thanks for the tips.

stop grave digging warning nr 1
(10-04-2016, 02:21 PM)Doug Dimmadome Wrote:  
(10-04-2016, 02:12 PM)57f3a918d217c Wrote:  Thanks for the tips.

stop grave digging warning nr 1


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