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Be a Part of the Raidforums Rap
Nekojag is a fag, he's a fucking douchebag, he will never get any swag; Always ruining our raids, giving everyone fuckin aids, never will get fuckin laid, when he dies we'll have a fuckin parade!
skin man
villan in disguise
but skidklan couldn't see through it
cause they don't have any eyes
they're skidklan
I pimp niggers and hoes the next thing for sale is these wannabe hackers name skid klan, treat them like hellen keller cuz they can't talk back with words but only with autism shit after they get smacked by the greatest
spiritual lyrical miracle individual
monkeys throwing shit,
call that the Baltimore Riots,
throw another jew into the pit,
kill them all and be quiet

Sophia's fucking hot.
She's no where near a thot.
Bump. Started to organize verses and conform lyrics.
i gas niggers and jews and i also drink their juice while my slaves do my work while i suck dicks
We doxxed VICE
The faggots rolled the dice
So we really weren't fucking nice
tyler the creator
eats more shit
then an monkey
doing backflips
ps. fuck snitches
Update: Lyrics are done, I have a beat picked out, and I have made a nice little music video. All that is left is recording which I will be doing tomorrow morning. So, expect the release in around 16 hours or so.
i gas niggers
i gas jews
now shut the fuck up
and give me some juice

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