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Be a Part of the Raidforums Rap
How does it work?

I will make a rap containing every reply on this thread.
Which means each reply is a line in a verse (unless it's obvious that you're asking me a question or commenting on something).

  • Try to make sure your replies mimic a rap-style song.  I.g: rhyme with the reply above you if applicable.
  • Make your reply contains blatant racist and vulgar language.  I.g: nigger, fuck, anus, rape, hitler, and jews.
  • Throw in some shit about raiding ever so often.
  • Someone talk shit about VICE maybe once or twice.
  • Say funny stuff about mods/admins/owners a couple of times.
  • Be funny and extremely random with every reply.
  • One post per person, although, you can reply with multiple lines if they are in-sync.
  • If I deem your reply as stupid or determine that it does not fit well, I may alter it or remove it completely.

What to expect?

Here is what I sound like rapping, I just free-styled because I had nothing lol.

The recording quality will be higher than the link above because I will actually put time into the real rap.
I am professionally trained with video editing software (adobe products) and some audio editing software (audacity and audition).
Hopefully, the end result is a song in which we can all laugh at and use in raids.
So be part of the rap! Every reply counts!

OP will deliver!
Fuck fucking motherfucking niggers
fired chicken goblin lickers
they always wanna be gold diggers
A fly by air raid wit a bombardment of brilliance
I love it, keep going. One post per a person only.
Kind Of Like How OP Sucks Pokedicks In Vermillion

I Wish He Liked Niggercocks, Vice Is A Fag, But OP Drinks More Semen.
also remember techpony did nothing wrong,he will skull fuck your jew dong,vice can cum suck my ass u will be fucked in a flash kkk kill em niggers
skid klan dick lickers
when he becum a mod u all be eatin nig snickers
dad sucked on my fucking nipples nigger
after that i doxed skidcaln and fucked them over twitter
Script kiddies be making threats and starting to stuffer... Until memes overflow their router.
The Holocaust is a lie, Hitler did nothing wrong, Blame 9/11 on the Jews they blew the Twin Towers and their crew higher than the sky.  
Thinking about skidklan sorta gives me a hard on...oh wait they cant even get there dox on.
I work on music production so if you need a custom beat I can help wiz dat B) 
dox on dox on failed to get the dox on and now skidklan needs to sleep with the lights on

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