BUYING Looking for MySQL Manager in ASP.NET
by h4x0r0x1 - May 22, 2021 at 04:56 PM
Basically i need a MySQL + MS-SQL manager works for both, compiled into one file ext:asp, aspx

The more important thing is the option to export whole database or table.

Timing is ASAP.

Ready to pay in BTC after live proof of working all functions

P.S: i don't need shell with those,, only a SQL manager for MySQL, Ms-SQL.

Extra info :

First it has inputs of host, user, pwd, db

after connecting it lists all tables on that db, and select option to view another db's for same user.

export in TXT,CSV,SQL formats.

Thanks . GL
@h4x0r0x1 do you need a solution for only remote hosts with MySQL, Ms-SQL?
(May 29, 2021 at 09:40 AM)ForumRAID Wrote: @h4x0r0x1 do you need a solution for only remote hosts with MySQL, Ms-SQL?

Actually i described exactly that i need it compiled in ASP,ASPX.. one file so that i can upload it in a server that has db's on localhost or an another internal host

so this case for connecting inside there and exporting.
but works for both MySQL,Ms-SQL.

i no need remote only .. cause sometimes it has no external opened port.

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