BUYING BUYING Private Valid Fresh Mails
by jamesleak - December 25, 2020 at 09:03 AM
I buy Valid Private Fresh Mail : Pass or HQ Combo
Country : USA | CA | AU | GB | NL | DE | CORP | Accept EU Mix
I am always honest with quantity / Unique. I don't resell a base you sold to me.
The price for 1k valid for my domains is 10$-20$. But if your file is HQ and access rate is good, the price could go up to 40$ ( +Bonus for good sellers )
My terms:
1. Check Unique with my base (ArhivaR)
2. Check spam / used

Do not work less than 1000 lines.
Don't send me many files. If you have multiple files, merge them and send me a TXT file.

Any file you send me without asking if I need it or want it. I'll treat it as a gift / free.

Payment will be made only after checking. Standby time will be 1-2 hours.
Don't try to throw me public shit. The scammers will be arrested.
Transact through a Guarantor if necessary.

I don't need these domain names : ( .edu / .vn / / /, / / / / / / RU)

Call me TG @jamesleak
Maybe your brother is hacking facebook. Hello a colleague
Nice to meet you @jokertom

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