BTC will go to the moon!
by huy642 - April 28, 2018 at 06:32 AM
Actually it's going down
i really do not think so as of now
it's back at 10k nearly.

Probs will hit 20k in the next few months Tongue
Honestly I think bitcoin will go to the moon eventually. However, as with all things, they take time. The market will crash but then rise becuase cryptocurrencies have no guarantee.
It will take time to reach that higher, Its fluctuating too much currently
Don't hope too much for BitCoin.
There are many other crypto currencies thee days, and ransomwares (cryptolockers) are less used, and people do pay even less for those ransom.
Doubt it'll reach 20k anytime soon...
looking forward to start investing
no it's not!!
it will go so down Wink
I recently purchased a good chunk, let's hope it rises once more.
This is what they always say, I don't know, cryptocoins sometimes feels like an unsafe bet. Still buying some Chauchas, created my some guy from my country.
It needs to fix fungibility and scaling issues first. Otherwise it's all speculation.

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