by Strikerr - September 11, 2021 at 02:17 PM

"Bluetooth Classic (BT) protocol is a widely used wireless protocol in laptops, handheld devices, and audio devices. BT main procedures are shown in Figure 1 for reference. In the past few years, Bluetooth has come under scrutiny due to the discovery of several critical vulnerabilities. In this report, we disclose BrakTooth, a family of new security vulnerabilities in commercial BT stacks that range from denial of service (DoS) via firmware crashes and deadlocks in commodity hardware to arbitrary code execution (ACE) in certain IoTs. As of today, we have evaluated 13 BT devices from 11 vendors. We have discovered a total of 16 new security vulnerabilities, with 20 common vulnerability exposures (CVEs) already assigned and four (4) vulnerabilities are pending CVE assignment from Intel and Qualcomm."

I just wanted to share because I think some of you would be interested in this have a good day Smile

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