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[BETA] Automatic Stream Key Extractor (Fake AudioFix Twitch Blog) v0.03
Interesting concept, although I dislike the lack of option to have the information export privately, I understand why you have it like that. Overall this seems like a great program and I may try it out on my raid later today.
Pls let me download this :3
I NEED THIS. pls let me download.
Make it upload a txt file to an FTP instead of the stream chat and it will be coolio
For Mac Support : It'll be Impossible to do Mac Support because Apple is going to Release 10.11 really soon which is not going to support your " code "
(08-16-2015, 03:36 PM)TheBabyBlendeR Wrote:  Make it upload a txt file to an FTP instead of the stream chat and it will be coolio

This is your partial issue though, I have to make this upload securely without the user being able to extract much information as to your FTP password and such. Sure, I could encrypt it, but it would be trivial to discover the key and then become malicious with it. The major issue is mostly due to how a Twitch account is needed in order to send the data to the isolated channel of your choosing (it needs the OAUTH key to communicate); when the program defaults to OBS key settings, it doesn't have full access to the user's account (a valid session). So what do we do in this scenario? You tell me, obviously you don't care whether your FTP password is out in the wild.

I think that the best course of action is to allow you to provide the Twitch accounts necesary to relay the account info in an encrypted text file that would make a quite hard for someone not tech savy to decrypt. You'd need to preconfigure the package and such, but after that it will be private enough to suit your needs.

Remember, this program should be self-sufficient and not depend on any server other than Twitch's or maybe pastebin.

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