[BANNED] scam report against 6Z07
by majestyz5 - 07-09-2019, 06:01 PM
UPDATE: he just blocked me on telegram so he should be banned right now to avoid other members being scammed
2ND UPDATE: i managed to crack his winrar password and this is the file he sent me: http://prntscr.com/ocub1t
clearly just some random combos without any hits on it
i got contacted on telegram by this guy named V1p who by usernames goes 6Z07
i didnt buy his combos at first without testing on a config i sent him
after he tested 200k which he said he bought for 90$
and he got around 5k hits with it which 170 of them he said were premium
and we agreed 250$ for all 5k hits and 200k combolist
and we also agreed i pay 150$ he sends the hits and combo
then i pay him the rest after that he started changing his words
then he send a file named dating.txt which as far as i know it can be duplicate words "fvck you idiot"
and it was a password protected file and he asked for another 50$
and i said i will not send him even a penny more without sending what he said
then he got desperate which all scammers do he just asked for 20$ lmao
i gave him a chance to run away with my 150$ and he thought im a idiot and wasted my time
this is personal now he will hear from me and it wont walk away so easy just because he wasted my time
all the proof are below also there was another scam acussation against him i didnt have time to check
about this guy so i just said fvck it ill risk 150$ but turned out to be a kid as 99% out there are
all proof are below including the payment transaction link

user profile link: https://raidforums.com/User-6Z07
@6Z07 Any reply?
its been almost 1 week this user has not responded and not banned yet i want him to get banned and i want his ip address and email i hope they are real
quien sabe de alguien serio que venda combos privados
This report has been deemed by me as resolved and the user was banned.

If you believe this to be incorrect please contact @Omnipotent

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