[BANNED] Scam report against user ӜϞϞΞϢईோ
by Chappie - 06-11-2019, 09:34 AM

Title of Thread: Scam Report against (ӜϞϞΞϢईோ) | (45$)

Name: ([/url][url=https://raidforums.com/User-%D3%9C%CF%9E%CF%9E%CE%9E%CF%A2%E0%A4%88%E0%AF%8B]https://raidforums.com/User-%D3%9C%CF%9E%CF%9E%CE%9E%CF%A2%E0%A4%88%E0%AF%8B)

Product: (https://raidforums.com/Thread-Selling-a-...-COUNTRIES)
How did you get scammed: (hey i talked with this guy about mail access combos for hilton he said i have em then he said we do have a cloud for 75$ but if u want one month u can pay 40$ i said okay i paid him 20 dollars as test  then i got invited to his google drive cloud after that i been checking i get 0 hits i was like maybe these are not hilion i contacted him he said i will provide u wilth hilton stuff i said okay then he said send me 25$ for few files i was like maybe its big as his could then i paid him 25$ after that i recived few txt files most of them are duplicate to maxmize hits i checked all of them and aprelnlty hes been cracking hilton for few time, and used all of the accounts every single account i got out of his combo is like 0 balance  i contacted him this morning 2 hours ago he said iwill replace u then he now says i need 10$ for new combo and stooped responding he earned around 45Dollars of me using shitty combos provide 
Time of scam: ( 2 days ago )

10 pics uploaded out of 15

rest 5 pics  ihope  u look into this be4 he start milking others and make em pay so much for LQ stuff / used

leme know if the first pics was uploaded correctly pls
First of all, I never said, you will %100 will get hits on hilton. First he paid me $20, normally i wont sell my cloud acces for $20 but he was keep talking and I said well, okay. Then when you paid $20, i gave him my cloud acces, its more than 200GB and he just checked some list and saying all leak is shit. After that he keep texting me, keep texting me and asking hilton, i was got some couple of list and he show me to how to check for hilton and i checked some of my combos for hilton and showed result (sent him ss). Then he liked and want my combo list. I said this list is $25, and he paid me i sent him. after couple hours. He saying list is shit etc. talking shit again. And saying he got hits but those good accs are already used. So what can i do ? im a combo seller. Its not my problem. I dont crack accs, i just sell combo list. He calling me scammer, i never scammed anyone. He paid me i sent him what i have. As you can see he saying he got hits but all account has 0 balance, so what can i do, i already gave you good accs. I was busy, and he keep texting , calling me, i was like wtf? this morning i got new list from someone and he asked me again for hilton, i said i can give this list for $10, i checked on checker and i showed him hits. After that as i said i was really busy and didnt respond. When i back, he saying gl i opend scam report scammer etc. all kind of shit, and i blocked him.

1-) As i said, I never said, you will %100 will get hits on hilton.
2-) For his request, i checked some of my personal list and got hits and send him but, he didnt like it because their balance is 0

If any mod request i can upload all convo its not a problem for me, but this kid is not a buyer. He keep saying something. I didnt scam him.
He paid me and i already did huge discount for him, he knows that. And i gave him what i have.
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: Scammer; https://cdn.raidforums.com/i/RF_PZES.txt
You bought a combolist and not actual accounts, It was never guaranteed that you would get the accounts you were looking for.
This report has been deemed by me as resolved and the user was banned.

If you believe this to be incorrect please contact @Omnipotent

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