[BANNED] Scam Report against onli33, Amount $700
by Phoenix_Leads - October 20, 2020 at 02:25 PM
Name: @onli33

Product: https://raidforums.com/Thread-SELLING-Pr...f-contacts

How did you get scammed: I came across his thread "Selling UPS Customer's database 13MM", which looks interesting. So I contacted him on TG on 17th Oct, We  had a good discussion on this, he explained how he got this database and he is gonna sell it only 1 person. He proactively offered me a discount of $200, and agrees a deal of $700 for this entire base. He said he has extracted name, address, age and phone no.s from the file and removed everything else so that data looks clean. This statement of @onli33 raised a Red Flag, I asked him for Original SQL/JSON file of the leak and decided to go with Middleman services. @onli33 agreed on MM services. We kept @Omnipotent in loop and proceeded. I paid $700+ MM Fees via BTC on 18th OCT.

@onli33 took full 18th and full 19th October to upload a 1.3 GB File.

He kept on giving Excuses like " He is using Proxy" , "Upload Speed is Less" ," Anonfile reset the file after 100%" Blah Blah.. 19th Late night he shared the file on TG.  Once I tried to open that zip file it started giving error corrupt archive. He tried to play smart, he changed the file extensions to make it appear different. But thanks to @Omnipotent who figured it out instantly and asked to change the .zip extension to .rar. After doing it , I was able to open it and found "FL Voter_Registration_20200519.zip" inside the archive.Strange, What a low life scammers are around.

Since I asked him questions about this "Voter's File" he stopped responding on TG. Guys, Its my learning that if you are trying to Buy data from some newbie on this forum always use MM services. Your Money will be safe and scammers will stay away from this forum.

Time of scam: Today

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@onli33 Please respond.
I have been middlemanning this deal and the seller sent some random file instead of the actual product the buyer paid for.
Please explain why you sent a file like this or else you'll be banned.
User has been banned and funds are being returned.
This report has been deemed by me as resolved and the user was banned.

If you believe this to be incorrect please contact @Omnipotent

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