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[BANNED] Scam Report: BigLadBigDog aka Silox - $260
@omni -- all this kid is doing is making me waste more of my time.
But here you go.

Blockchain transaction:
Screenshots of jabber conversation:

As far as being a "known" scammer. Google the aliases. Even on this forum, people are talking about being scammed by one of these aliases.

What else do we need now?
Just mind boggling why this user would use a home connection to scam on a forum that literally leaks your IP when you're banned for this shit.
On further inspection the IP he is using being a BT UK IP it has udp port 500 open which coincides with a VPN so it might not be his actual connection.

This report has been deemed by me as resolved and the user was banned.

If you believe this to be incorrect please contact @Omnipotent

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