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Ayy RaidForums
It's me ! The guy who never posted anything on RF, hardly noticable, Doesn't say anything in the shoutbox but when he does, it's not funny nor helpful, In other words, Captain
Well, it hasn't been a while for me on RF, probably like 4 days, but, im getting the hang of it, and i think i like it here
I mostly enjoy the TwitchSupportScheme, had 3 working for me lately, get his/her stream key and convice him/her to run pred's multi troll file
problem is my internet, it's not good for streaming, so i need someone who has experience with obs and has a decent internet, pm me if intrested

So yeah, this is one fucking short introduction about me for those who give a fuck.

Have a good day, Captain
Welcome @CptUnnamedCCC To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Hey captain, welcome to RaidForums and enjoy your stay, you're welcome in the shoutbox and forums though, be more active!

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