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Ayy LMAO - My version Release !! LINK FIXED !!
Thank god, I couldn't find a way to fix the sys32 virus, you've saved my computer!
Fucking genius love it,
Download link is dead.
^^ What he said. RIP DL link.
(05-17-2015, 04:02 PM)ivietromods Wrote:  It doesn't use stubs to make it FUD so they can't detect it if they really tried, virus total look for stubs in the program and send the stubs. mine doesn't have one so it's fine on virus total.
i already knew about virus totals little sending files thing c:

u srs r fukn retarded rnt u?

they scan for suspicious memory patterns not stubs in ur fuckn program u twat

after awhile ur program will be fully detected tbh
Ban reason: Hi tyrant bye tyrant (Permanent)
Seen this in a raid somewhere
i know ignore that reply, it was a long time ago haha, I was just getting into memory editing and FUD stuff. I was a little stupid. I will try and get the program back up on a site that won't get it taken down

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