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[Automated] Paypal To [BTC] [ETH] [LTC] [We Pay BTC Fees][BULK]
[Image: BtIW3oM.png]

Forums members sometimes find it difficult to find an exchanger who is online and able to exchange.
I have had exchanges take days to complete due to time zone differences. It takes a lot of my time as well as a
lot of the buyer’s time. That’s where CryptoPal comes into play.

CryptoPal is an instant PayPal to Crypto Currency exchange service for Forums members ONLY. 

CryptoPal was created with simplicity in mind to automate the currency exchange service I have been running for
several months. CryptoPal allows Forums users to easily exchange their PayPal balance to Bitcoin, Ethereum,
or Litecoin in a few clicks. A user can register on CryptoPal, verify their account, start an exchange, and have the
crypto currency of their choice on the blockchain in as little as 10 minutes.

[+] Quick and automated registration and exchange process.
[+] Simple to use website
[+] Instant PayPal to BTC/ETH/LTC without seller involvement
[+] 2-Factor Security available
[+] Integrated support system.
[+] Fully custom coded web and backend servers
[+] Flexible limits for anyone trustworthy 

[Image: mSl9s5V.png]

Common Questions
How long does it take to process my transaction?
Transactions are automated and processed within 5 minutes of you paying. Transactions that are flagged by our system are
held until they are manually approved or rejected. This process can take up to 48 hours. After 48 hours, if no decision
has been made, the payment is automatically refunded back to either your card or to PayPal.

What are the fees?
Fees vary from as low as 15% to as high as 20%.
If you exchange at least $75 per month, and the transaction is above $20, then your fee is 15%
If you exchange at least $50 per month, and the transaction is above $20, then your fee is 16%
If you exchange at least $0 per month, and the transaction is above $20, then your fee is 17%
If you exchange at least $0 per month, and the transaction is above $0 (but less than $20), then your fee is 20%

You do not pay the transaction fee for the network.

Does CryptoPal only accept PayPal?
Now, CryptoPal only accepts verified
PayPal. In the future, CryptoPal may
expand to automating other currencies. If you wish to inquire about accepting another form of payment, please open a
support ticket. 

My account says it was flagged as fraud?
CryptoPal uses very aggressive
filters for areas such account checks, transaction checks, and IP checks.

CryptoPal will not discuss exact

measures that are taken. Please note that these processes are automated. If you believe your account was flagged by
mistake, please open a support ticket. Banned accounts are banned permanently, however. 

Why do I get the message 'error_code_1'?
This means your IP is blocked.
CryptoPal does not allow Virtual
Private Networks, TOR, or any other proxy to connect. This limit will not be removed, nor will

CryptoPal whitelist IP addresses. 

Can I join if I have had a scam report in the past?
No. If you have had a scam reported opened on you then you will not be able to use
CryptoPal. This is to help reduce
fraud and deter scammers. 

Why did my transaction get flagged as fraud?
CryptoPal has very strict fraud
filters in place. Our system attempts to automatically flag payments that mean certain unlisted criteria. Payments
flagged as fraud are manually reviewed or automatically refunded within 48 hours. If you wish to have the payment
refunded before manual review, please open a support ticket.

Who all can register and use the service?
This service was actually only for one specific forum ment. l33t/Ub3r members only allowed!
Since business is going to well, they have opened BETA for other Forums!!!
For RaidForums we allow
ONLY UPGRADED VIP/MVP/GOD members to register!

I can't PM you because I am on your ignore list, what should I do?
You are not welcome to use this service.
What information is kept by CryptoPal?
CryptoPal stores your IP on its
servers. Your PayPal information is kept and retained on PayPal.

What if I charge back?
Your account will be banned on
CryptoPal, a scam report will be opened
against you, and we will take further measures required to 
get our losses back and your PayPal banned.

How do I contact support?
Please use their ticket system.


How To register?

Click the Here or above (or any other cryptopal Logo)

Username/ID: (your Raidforums User ID/Any other 7-11 userID ) *DIGITS!

Beta Key: 721

Do you have any questions??

Please PM me anytime!

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