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Autistic Girl on YouNow Ft. Brother
No real structure to the raid, she held up a piece of paper showing her full name and address.
Once her brother came home and seen her address was leaked, he threatened us with a knife as well as claimed he would hack our laptops and ban us from the internet.

Here's the vid, semi-unedited (thrown together in ~1minute), hoping someone can edit it better (add in some supa hot fire on his burns or something kappa), though I'm too lazy.

(apologies for terrible audio, her stream its self was that bad)
Download Link (to edit and reup) <right click, save as.

He claims to be in anonymoose and have many hacker friends
[Image: anon.jpg]
[Image: laptop.jpg]

The retard showing her address lmao:
[Image: lmao.png]
[Image: lmao1.png]

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