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Attack on Titan 2
Does they gonna follow the manga and end the series or they are adopting for new story line. I am confused. Also what you think about the 2nd session.
They will follow the manga, so we can wait another 4 years for season 3 lol :c
I think s2 is amazing! I'm so hyped up I even started playing the game.
Well at least the wait is worth it ...
I've read the mange up to book #14 so I know a bit of what's coming, but I really need an explanation on what the fuck the deal is with the dinosaurs in the intro. Anyone read far enough to explain?

[Image: q2SpeyU.png]
Arguably one of the best written anime ever. The storyline begins in a civilization not too technologically advanced, where large creatures called titans that resemble humans but with no reproductive organs, attempt to eat humans who have trapped themselves in walls for protection. Humans fight back with the used of 3-D maneuver gear which allows them to grapple from buildings and use a gas system to travel at speeds high enough to use swords that cut the back of titans necks (their only weak point). That is simply the jist, but there are so many good literary elements used in this show the foreshadowing of episodes leaves heavy anticipation, the multiple points of view in season 2 are a refreshing way to tell a story, not to take away from the flashbacks and keeping the watcher in the dark that makes season 1 so intense. The battles and animation are magnificent and the reveals are crazy a must watch for all anime viewers.
my favourite and all my friends and family and everyone i knows favourite lol time to rewatch
They do follow the manga, but the plot is moving so slow imo
I try watch hmm i feal like watch Lost :D
Such a fucking captivating series. The story is so crazy.
to be quite honest im a bit lazy when it comes to reading, especially mangas so i'd much rather choose only the anime rather than getting the 2 confused with each other and getting pissed when one leaves out stuff. just makes life a bit more simpler. afaik for the manga part helluv i know lol

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