Asik twitter hacked
by Revelead - October 15, 2017 at 08:03 AM
What do you think about that?
[Image: qp1ppsd46xrz.png]
Did he ever actually pay anyone to not get swatted?
ehh idk sketchy hack the same day asik wants to sell his twitter his twitter gets "hacked" he probably bought it
Thats funny. what else can i say the kid has always swatted people he did it to some 16 year old once on you now.
Lol how much did he played you for the ad?
i want to see this! oml
lol actually believing it was "hacked"
Eh it's something but nothing special
I dont think hes actually managing to pay to not get swatted im pretty sure hes been swatted again lol.
I really doubt it was hacked. As someone said before he most likely sold it

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