Are there any collectors of REAL data out here ? Voter lists, consumer etc ??
by Crazyoldfart - 01-19-2019, 11:09 PM
I'm sitting here waiting for something worth having & all I see is things I have no use for. I was hoping to see a real set of records on PEOPLE, useful records, not crap collected by morons from forms filled out over the internet to send someone something stupid & they give up stupid names, addresses & the wrong birthday to get, then some jackass sells that shit to another jackass who spams the dumbass that gave them the information in the first place, that is, if they were forced at gunpoint to give their correct email address to get it. Its called LEADS, not Consumer Data, which comes from REAL records, like Credit Headers. I want you little hackers to get off your ass and hack into something worth owning a copy of, like birth records that you can not download the records, or drivers licenses that were once freely available as Public Records & are now locked up in some vault in hell at some state office. Or a good set of death records you can't download a copy of. Or marriage & divorce records that are not freely available to download. I want to OWN the file, not fucking RENT it from some asswipe who runs a site to stick it up your ass letting you look at them, one at a time, then opening the fucking shit, one at a time, to see the whole thing, FUCK ANCESTRY & any assholes like them. I need Voter Lists that I don't already have a copy of, even OLD copies are things I look for. Any HISTORICAL data is what I want, including old CD's I might not have & I have 1,000's of them.
   So, do something constructive & get the real shit & post it. In any format, csv, text, Access or SQL , who gives a fuck what format its in, even PDF's if nothing else is available. I know that the "older people" on here are like me, looking for this kind of shit, because we are not a bunch of 12 year olds going through the 4th grade for the 10th time, laughing at how we can fuck with some other idiot & piss them off, till they blow our fuckin' heads off being a crazy bastard, after having been harassed by you. Lets get to work on finding things as I mentioned above. If I had your skills at cracking into shit, that is what I'd be cracking into, not some foolish porn or games. With the right data, you can jack off all the way to the bank, if you sell it reasonable. End of story ! Get crackin' DUDE !! lol !!
no that seems awful blackhat so no thanks
Love this! I've just started collecting, so I don't have anything new, but this historical data is extremely useful. Keep on collecting, your posts are the best!
Thank you crzy mature man for your info and power to live . keep on working man you helped many people a lot

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