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Are PC's or Laptops better?
I think PC is the best !
pc is much better for me, all my life using it for work
I brocked two laptops when worked on my bad. So PC only now
(04-19-2017, 08:54 PM)tyrsstefs43r Wrote:  Desktop. Get more power for the price.
I use my laptop for writing documents or just laying in bed while talking to people.

I agree. i usually like my desktop because it runs code so much faster because its more powerful. and has more memory.
This depend so much on what you use it for. If you need travel, obviously laptop so much better. Don't think there perfect answer to this.
for traveling, laptop is better
desktop for heavy work and laptop for mobile.
PC all day. I do have both tho
PC master race laptops only ever good for doing work while travelling but if they invented shrink rays I would shrink my supreme pc and put it up my ass then get it back out and re enlarge that motherfucker and use it on demand
Laptop, if you need a screen you can easily plug one or two in
I look forward to day I can use tablet for most work... and just use computer for write code and thing like that.
Gaming laptops are good, but gaming pcs are better. Regular pcs are equivalent more or less to gaming laptops.

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