Arch Linux Discussion Thread
by anonymous5574 - August 15, 2017 at 12:04 AM
Arch Linux: The Best Linux
What's up RF?  Who here uses Arch?  It's my favorite distro there is.  Who else agrees with me?
I've never used Arch only Ubuntu, but I can think of one person who uses it @Small
its look arch have a ton of tools , but we never use itu without knowledge
Hello, I use Arch btw. But seriously, how do those i3 /r/unixporn people live ? So much configuration when you can just use a working DE(it's 2019 people, I have like 3 VMs running while also running GNOME 3)
Arch + KDE + I3gaps is my way to go
Used Arch few years, then moved to Manjaro.
Both are good.
Is Arch really that hard and time consuming to configure? I'm thinking about it but I'm not ready to spend a few days just to launch some apps I need to work with.
I need an OS that is stable and doesn't break all the time. How do you keep the OS up to date without constant crashes/packages breaking? etc etc.

Is pacman significantly better than yum/apt?
Arch Linux is something comparable to building your own home. But it is still one of the best distributions, i am a lover of Debian, but Arch is my favorite.
Just install Gentoo, you'll be happier as long as your computer isn't a dinosaur.

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