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Applicants for SysTHREAT
by iB00Sti - May 04, 2019 at 09:44 AM
Hello everyone,
I am looking to expand a team.
The group is known as: 

[Image: mwTlPnPl.jpg]

Looking for these qualities if possible:
-Basic HTML knowledge
- Pen testing experience 
(ie: XSS, Sql injections, ect.)
- Reverse engineering 
- Social engineering 
- Phishing
- BotNET
- Script writing

This is a grey hat security team.

Application form:

Any experience:
Reason why you'd like to join:
Additional information:

Hope to get a team of at least 4.

Still accepting applicants
Alias: Read my username
Age: 17
Any experience: Social enegineering god, I've had my share of run-ins with this kind of stuff, I code in Python
Reason why you'd like to join: I've been away from this kinda stuff for a while but I need to get back in
So little activity mate :/
im active where it matters. unless u plan to do ur testing on raidforums itself lol. im just about always on at discord, just add me. proi#6107

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