Apple hacked by 16 years old kid
by ChaosLelouch - August 18, 2018 at 03:11 AM
WOW!! If apple doesn't hire him, there missing out.
I tip my hat off to the lil guy. He has a bright future and probably will be getting a job offer from them soon enough lol
Just goes to show u that ur never safe and what curiosity can do, its quite impressive.
Skill does not depend on the age
Pretty darn impressive
apple already hacked more times before its normal
Ok, this is epic.
Jokes aside, I hope that everything goes ok lmao
Clickbait much? nah just the tools to porve that hackyty hack come from hackity kids. really......
LOOOOOOOOOOOL...................XD SALU2
Its a russian teen not a normal teen
Nowadays, with the creation of very simplistic tools to be able to hack anything, even a baby could press the button to hack without knowing what the heck they just downloaded. Imagine an AI system being able to do this on an even larger scale. Talking about Skynet in AWS or Azure....

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