AppChecker - static code analyzer (Lite version)
by mobius07 - January 20, 2020 at 02:32 PM
Hello, I want to share with you information about another static code analyzer.

Only the light version is available on the official website -


Static code analyzer designed for automated search for defects in the source code of applications developed in C #, C / C ++, Java, PHP.

  • over 100 types of coding defects are searched. The base of defect signatures is constantly updated
  • fully supported CWE classification
  • defect signatures are formed taking into account various standards and recommendations for safe programming from OWASP, CERT, NIST and others
  • application of the “thin client” technology (using the web-interface) allows for joint code audit by several experts
  • the flexible configuration of the projects under analysis allows you to take into account the influence of such features of programming languages, such as precompilation directives in C / C ++.

  • ANSI С/С90/С99/С11;
  • C++98/C++2003/С++11/С++14;
  • Java 6/7/8 Language Specification;
  • PHP 4/5;
  • С# 5.0.
Version Limitations:
  • One project
  • The license is valid for 1 year.
thanks ... never heard of this before
This tool is from Russian manufacturers)) so few people know about it

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