Aparently Collection#1 is not very new.
by RukiLove - 01-19-2019, 01:52 AM
What about Collection 2-5?
Well, it is called collection #1 Wink . Still, IMO it's useful to have things collected into large dumps, saves on the tedious finding of every little new breach...
I think oncce Troy get his hands on it everyone shits them selves and assumes that it is gold.
we didn't expect it to be new Smile
Makes sense if its "collection" of leaks over the time, that some parts will be already old.
Interesting. This looks to be a collection from older DBs. I haven't been on top of these, but is there a centralized place to get access to some of this information?
old doesn't mean useless .
old doesnt mean that the data is useless... The most ppl dont change their pw, even if someone tells them to change.
It's only news because Troy Hunt reported it. These huge collections of historical leaks are ten-a-penny, but as soon as Troy gets a hold of one, it's suddenly global news.
that's still such a staggering number of contacts. like wow thats amazing
Any ideas to manage this volume?
maybe its old but its still full of good info

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