Aparently Collection#1 is not very new.
by RukiLove - 01-19-2019, 01:52 AM
krebsonsecurity said:

Sanixer said Collection#1 consists of data pulled from a huge number of hacked sites, and was not exactly his “freshest” offering. Rather, he sort of steered me away from that archive, suggesting that — unlike most of his other wares — Collection #1 was at least 2-3 years old. His other password packages, which he said are not all pictured in the above screen shot and total more than 4 terabytes in size, are less than a year old, Sanixer explained.

Hmm interesting, but I don't think people thought it was a hack that happened this year. It consists of so many databases..
Yeah, I feel like this is significant because of sheer volume of databases collected into one, not really the fact that any of that data contained within is anything uniquely new or special.
It contains "some" new stuff, but its kind of whatever. people are making a big deal out of it
yeah man... and some breaches inside of it are so useless
It isnt claimed to be new, it is obviously gonna contain old data but I believe some will be new
it is another bigger collection (besides the ~600GB bigDB torrent that is still available)
including old leak dumps of course Smile
i want to know if my "pwned" password is correct or if it's a fake password sent to a phishing try (lot of time ago)
Yes... but....including 773 million unique email addresses alongside passwords those addresses had used on other breached services..... Unique are unique!!!
It was always unlikely that it contained new data. Such a huge volume of passwords from various sources takes time to be collected.
It's mainly combo list of previous database leaks... It would be interesting to see what collections #2 - #5 have to offer, since some of them are even bigger than #1. It would be nice to finally see Yahoo database leak Smile
very large file. any suggestions for the best (free) software to open it?

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