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Anyone got any good PC builds they could share?
by JustAFakeAcc - August 26, 2017 at 02:43 PM
(January 24, 2019 at 06:05 PM)rftiiv15 Wrote: Get some xeon platinums 2x on a seerver mobo.  couple it with an atx 1200watt powersupply and some ddr2 ram

there's so much core on xeon platinum. I'm jealous
If I had a dollar for every time I got a dollar, I would have 2x dollars.
A Ryzen 2600(x) and an i5 work very well on a medium budget. 1060 6gb is great for 1080p gaming. Can't beat that!
Related to your budget ...
Without say budge its hard to suggest anything
Totally, I am spec'd out to do:

- 3960x, Just high end enough to get quad channel memory, 3970x+ is just too much money and overkill.
- 128GB ECC ram, Cause 32 is tight for me right now, no sense in doing 64 if that is going to be the next immediate barrier, straight to 128
- Probly just run a 1080/ti in it, I don't game, just have to drive 3 monitors.
- Case: anything with no fkin flashing lights, and room for water cool+5.25" bays+room for 4 or 6 3.5" disks.

- MoBo: Undecided. Will be Asus or Gigabyte, must have onboard 10GbE, have to read more.
>> OR, since 10Gb puts me into the Extreme lines with both OEMs, As long as the MoBo supports server grade PCIe Nics, then I can save money and not worry about onboard LAN at all, I have 6 dual port 10Gbe cards here to pick from.

But my battlestation is on Z97 still and I have to mask off the SMBus pins on the card (So 2 pins have to remain disconnected on the PCIe connector fingers, specifically pins B5 and B6) or it stuck bootlooping from incompatibility or conflict.

Peripherals, I don't care, I only replace those when they're broke.. But my keyboard has the lettering worn completely off 5 keys, so pre sure I got my money out of this one. lol
My honest advice is to check LogicalIncrements.

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