Anybody tried weed cookies?
by FishIdiotHacks - 11-13-2017, 09:41 PM
Just bought 1 weed cookie, how they works? does anybody know
You eat them, lol. What kind of question is that?
WAIT, long enough for the effects to kick in.
Can't tell you how many times people don't wait. Then they eat a whole batch and they call the police because they think they are dying.
Give at least 30 minutes before reaching for a second. I'd even go as far to say start with a half if you don't partake often.
You just eat it.

If they are potent then maybe start with half. Wait an hour before taking more. Make sure you got some munchies and music and enjoy the wave Biggrin
of course it's impossible for us to tell the strength from "1 weed cookie", should be fine to eat the entire thing though, only a soyboy couldn't handle that shit

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