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Any suggestions if im bored from raiding?
What could i do if kinda bored from just raiding? I have been hijacked some streams but kinda feels boring. Anyone could suggest what else i could try from this community? Right now only think in mind is scambaiting tech support with my fake windows xp.
Thanks in advance
delete system 32
(05-06-2015, 01:30 PM)punnyfgfgf Wrote:  delete system 32

ITS STIll same almost. talk with streamer and blablalala
Learn to program, learn how to dox better. Just generally improve your computer skills.
Learn to hijack accounts. Without keylogging or anything. The greatest experience for me was hijacking a steam account worth $571. (Me and Mlgesus are selling it check le marketplace)
Learn to record more so you can be the next @Celaeon.
Fuck with Alphas and the sirkeks and toukeks its always fun 10/10
Jack off to Kappa .

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