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Any predictions for Bitcoin
Bitcoin has been going up and down a lot and now it's stabling out. Any predictions for what will happen next?

(I think it will go way back up again)
It probably wont go back up lets be honest here
You haven't provided any context about your usage of 'next' in this scenario, so let me just be sarcastic with you to humour myself.

My prediction is that bitcoin will continue to fluctuate, one day it will no longer exist, nor in fact will the universe which we live in now.

Thank you for your time, i win this thread.
I personally think that bitcoin will go down, I just don't see the point it tbh. I don't see it going anywhere :/

It might go up now, but in the long run, I feel like it's gonna go to shit
get real.  btc not going anywhere.  look at market cap.
Don't know but my husband has made enough from it to build a new gaming computer at no cost to us
i feel bitcoin will most likely slowly die off aloong with other cyrpto currency, imo
Yes, it will indeed die off. Keep your money.
The first few months are always a bit sketchy for crypto, slowly through out the year the price should go up.
if the last 3 years have been anything to go by.
(03-13-2018, 02:53 AM)Magz Wrote:  i feel bitcoin will most likely slowly die off aloong with other cyrpto currency, imo

You have no even idea what are you talking about, did you even check dominance rate? atm it's more than when price at 19k.
feel like its going to stay stagnant for a while then quickly rise up again
price should pick up towards the end of the year, I hope.

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