Any New 2020 Sword Animes?
by StupidCracker2020 - September 10, 2020 at 05:58 PM
Any new 2020 sword animes out yet ? Please recommend me some !!!
I guess there are some sword fights in "The Mistfits of Demon Academy", and "Sword Art"......
I'll add some more, if I do end up remembering them.
Sword art online? But that still is ongoing right?
(September 10, 2020 at 05:58 PM)StupidCracker2020 Wrote: Any new 2020 sword animes out yet ? Please recommend me some !!!
What exact do you mean by "sword" animes?
Animes with sword fights is what i meant by sword animes
Search Medieval anime or look on specific categories in website specialize in anime
I am the real Gasai Yuno, nobody will take my Yuki!
Demon Slayer for sure.....
Sword art online is still going on , try watch it , its a nice sword anime!
Sword art online still has swords maybe ?
I don't know. Just don't watch Sword Art Online, that anime is absolute fucking garbage.

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