Look, all of us come on here to have fun and watch kids destroy their most prized possessions. 
Some of these people think they will be good people and tell the streamers that they are being raided.
People like:
This kids ruin our fun, so I have come up with a scheme to stop these kids. I will be making a website that we will link when these kids show up to save the day, this website will show an article that says that these "AntiRaid" people are fakes and are malicious. After I make the fake article I will post the link under this thread so you guys can use it so when these douche bags show up, you can make them look like the bad guys.

If you guys have any ideas or anything please post in the comments, or if there is anything else you would like me to add just tell me and I will probably add it.
Yeah, I seen someone post a pastebin of some text to copy and paste when the anti-raider comes into the chat - it's along the lines of that he's a hacker and shouldn't be in the stream.

Similar to your idea.
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