Anime are boring – change my mind
by RiccardoGee - July 14, 2018 at 07:00 AM
I've watched a few animes (DragonBall, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul...) and I really liked only Cowboy Bebop. 
The plot is stretched beyond reason and way too many characters are shallow and stereotypical. 

Case #1 
Psycho-Pass = The premises are cool, but there's nothing truly new and it's basically a combination between Philip K. Dick and Aldous Huxley and a few more. Which wouldn't be a problem if at least the characters were somewhat deeper than a one-dimensional figures. So yeah, overall a good cluster of unoriginal but powerfull ideas taken nowhere near to its fully potential. 

Recommend me the anime that will change my mind.
You really need to check out the The Big O anime series!
What happened with Death Note? You need to watch it.
Anieme is EPIC bro! Give it a lil try
''Anime are boring'' _B
Well what about Youjo Senki? Being reborn with all your memories in a Pre World War 1 Germany where magic exists as a punishment for being atheist. Might as well become a Nazi loli!
I also struggle to find a cute anime to enjoy. Pls help
Frankly this is kind of true...
Mirrai Niki, just try it
try one piece.
back then those anime/manga such as Naruto, Dragon ball, etc. couldn't even get me hooked until my friend introduced me to one piece.
been following it every since, more than 5 years
What happened with Death Note? You need to watch it.

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