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An annoying sound program
I want someone to code some kind of program that hides itself and randomly every 10 minutes plays a random audio file, little short sounds like Eddy Wallys WOW or the spotted metal gear sound. Just annoying short sounds that would play every 10 minutes or just randomly so people have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Try and make it multi-os compatible.
It's been two days we need this.
Is C++ acceptable as implementation language?

If it is, I have simple Windows version (does not hide in system, so it is useless but I'll fix that soon). It uses GNU Ass incbin trick to include sound files in executable binary (cross platform trick; works with Clang too). Linux version with libasound or PulseAudio should be pretty simple (playback is abstracted for easy platform targeting with #ifs). But Mac OS XY is totally unknown to me (I have nothing to test on).

How does it look to you? Should I continue with this?
(04-03-2015, 09:42 PM)MLGesus420 Wrote:
made one

Thanks, will be sure to use it some time. 
Fuck...... Does someone has the not Click To Edit version ? I really want This

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