Alprazolam with quetiapine
by 74v4g3 - August 29, 2021 at 07:42 PM
What will happen if i mix alprazolam with quetiapine?
You will become very sleepy, because both of them have strong sedative effects, especially if you never took them before. Generally you should not take either of them, unless there is clear medical reason for you to do so.
it is better without quetiapine
Yes Better Without Quentiapine Most Likely You Will Feel A Drowsy Ephoric Dream Like Tired Have Tried It State I have Some Knowledge That can cure Your Dependence on shit like this DM If you need help

Quentiapine Suppreses Your Dopamine which make you feel drowsy as FUK xany gives Euphoria and dream like state | Drive a Benz on Benzos

All Those "Mental Pills" Play Around trying to Normalize your Serotonin or Dopamin Levels If you acting Nuts Its basically a Defficiency on One or Both and or Overly high Levels of One or Both from the Use of Drugs. Nice Natural Levels Can be Reached with supplements and very small changes in lifestyle

And Both Are Actually Transported from the Stomach and Guts so acting wild and Hunger Have some connection
Stay Fed Guys
Quote:Quentiapine Suppreses Your Dopamine which make you feel drowsy as FUK

I think this isn't caused by the antidopaminergic effect of Quetiapine, but because it is a strong H1-receptor antagonist.
Well Quetiapine is a antipsychotic and well, we all know Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine. But like stated it will just increase the sedative effects of both medications. But you're better off taking Alprazolam by itself, but watch out for the dependency it can bring over you (ex benzo/opioid user).. shit is fucked and not worth it unless you need it.
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