Database - Leaked, Download!
by irakliss - December 29, 2016 at 09:24 PM
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Dump: 2016-10-22
entry: 8,565

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We already have alphas but ill let it slide since the last uploader did not update his link.
This database has been uploaded to the Raidforums server.
thank you for sharing,im looking for it for a while 
im still dont have enough credits to get it
but still thx
thanks for this post
thank you for sharing this dude Wink
Thank you for the link.

Thanks for the link. I appeciate it.
File is AlphasSX_RF.7z, 787912 bytes compressed LZMA2:6, 4,549,115 bytes uncompressed

MD5 bde2009bf8fe5ad871ee3b94d394b5a1
SHA1 fa65b2904a11f24bca83da9d15bbf3666d249c35

The file has 8,564 lines in it.
THank for the database

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