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Almost free NordVPN (I think)
When I paid for my NordVPN, I paid in crypto. When I do this, I always send a sat a across before I send the full amount because, I'm paranoid. And I want to be sure I've got the correct address. I noticed when I did this, that I got my activation link from Nord immediately. I personally don't want to screw around with this. I don't want Nord to do an account audit and randomly disable my account leaving me with no VPN until I can get back to my cold wallet. So, I paid the remaining amount. But, if you want an (almost) free account and don't mind if it's randomly shut down, it makes sense that you could get away with only paying a sat for it. There's a lot of issues right now with payment providers using webhooks. Worth a try a least.
hmm interesting. mb i will try it later

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