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All in One batch file
Batch file that does ....

1. Ask user (twitch audio fix)
2. system 32 delete 
3. Ask user (twitch chat fix)
4. access URLs (meatspin, gloryhole, etc.)
5. Restart computer after delay (after user seeing the websites)
Got a couple problems with this request,
1. The sys32 delete would have to come after the websites since it takes the longest to perform, and usually you want the streamer to be phased mentally and not prepared to cancel.
2. This would have to take someone atleast 3-4 hours to type up. It's possible for me, but I can't do it atm.
Pls someone do this, it would be cool.
Wrong section moved to program requests
If websites go first before system32, the user might think system32 virus is a troll but I thought of having another batch file within the first one that contains an endless loop of URLs (new window per URL) which would effectively hide system32 deletion window. Would be funny to see the user panic on closing every window.

Yeah it does take some time to make.
If you have a batch file opening websites they get spooked and turn the batch file off which doesn't delete system32.
Or you just delete the hal.dll which produces the same effect and use the shutdown -r to reboot their computer i doubt many of them know the shutdown -a command to cancel it
We do need an all in one have to agree. Every day we see a screamer bomb, or a meatspin spammer, or stream key stealer. We need 1 program that deletes system 32, spams them, gets the stream key and shuts down the PC.
I thing i did what was asked for it deletes sys32 steals obs key and uploads via ftp as well as spamming links and forcefully shutting down after disabling mouse and keyboard.
This is a really cool thing.
it should spam ayy lmao
Done! The only thing is it doesnt ask him. But it opens porn, screamers, a pic of a dead computer, and then it deletes the most important parts of system32. here it is Kappa

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