Poll: Do you think that aliens exist?
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27 90.00%

3 10.00%
Total 30 vote(s) 100%
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87.5% said yush, well i voted for no, why bcuz theres no proof or anything about them, exept movies.
i belive aliens exsits im a bigg fan of the paranormal and syfy hopefully aliens pay us a visit soon
I believe there is life elsewhere in the universe
no, aliens don't exist.
The problem is, we're out here in the middle of fucking nowhere. So unless these cunts can bend time and hop through wormholes or some shit we also can't evne pathom, they aren't visiting. So how about this; they live here. Either in the oceans or in the Earth itself. Original fuckers.

If some giant reptile dudes show up, it's not going to be for tea and cookies. We will be dumb as shit to them. They'll see water and gold and hot chicks and just take it. Heck they could hangout a couple hundred miles above Earth and drop some plague on us and just wait a few months. If they come at us hard, it's lights out first then something like a neutron bomb. Kill everything living, leave all the goodies standing. Or a burst of gamma radiation would do the samething I suppose. Either way, WE'RE DOOMED!!! DOOMED I tell you hahaha.
may be ...just like any other race...even the alien might exist smwhere
In theory, yes Aliens should exist. That is also what i believe to be honest. We can't be the only ones...
yes alians are among us those bastursd
(02-17-2016, 08:19 PM)DeadCat2 Wrote:  Do you think that aliens exist?

I have no personal preference, I'm just gonna wait until the media starts flipping shit more than usual about it and check myself.

But you should check out the Drake Equation.
(02-17-2016, 08:19 PM)DeadCat2 Wrote:  Do you think that aliens exist?

Do you mean bacteria, then yes it exists. There was fossilized bacteria found on mars
I do believe aliens exist and the government has captured some

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