AdsPower Browser: Best Solution for Multi-Account Management
by celine21 - May 20, 2021 at 11:09 AM
AdsPower is a multi-login browser management tool. It provides users separated browsing environments of different IP and time zones for each individual account, and replacing multiple devices with virtual browser profiles. With the help of AdsPower, bulk account creation and management on multiple platforms can be achieved. Check out our six core features and see what we can do for you!

1. Bulk management of multiple accounts on multiple platforms

You can import/export a batch of accounts using logins and passwords or cookies on e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Mercari, Shopify, Poshmark, Etsy, Wish etc. After that, you can start managing your stores, rating products and browsing for items. Bulk account creation and management and ad optimization on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest, Tik Tok and VK is supported, as well as account verification and affiliate marketing on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Paypal and Stripe.

2. Prevent fingerprinting

AdsPower provides an independent browser profile for each account with different fingerprints, including time zones, WebRTC, locations, languages, User Agent, fonts, resolutions, Canvas, WebGL images, WebGL metadata, Aduio, Do Not Track, Hardware Concurrency, Device Memory, Flash, Port Scan Protection and so. Users can either use the default settings or change settings based on their needs.

3. Automatic matching

AdsPower can be integrated with 3rd party solutions such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.The automatic matching feature of AdsPower helps users configure rotating residential proxies of 911s5, Oxylabs and Luminati in AdsPower based on country/region, state/province, and city.

4. Browser Automation

Any repetitive task can be automated in AdsPower. You can automate Facebook account checks and management, as well as other operations, through a selection of automated API.
AdsPower recently launched the Application Center with plugins to improve user experience: Amazon Orders allows users to view the order history within the application, and Paste as Human Typing is human typing emulation to avoid pasting detection. 

5. Team collaboration and efficient authorization

AdsPower is designed for teams of all sizes. Plans for teams authorizes team members through three authorization levels (administrator-manager-member) and allows them to complete team management, account management and bulk management. Furthermore, AdsPower supports cross-team collaboration, allowing to share the configured accounts and browser fingerprint profiles with other teams. In this way, teams are able to complete all operations in the same environment and avoid misoperations and browsing issues.

6. Professional customer service and technical support

AdsPower provides detailed tutorial videos and graphics, professional online customer service, and distance technical support to help you to learn about this program.

Referral program

AdsPower provides a free plan that includes 2 browser profiles. Register and start your trial. When registering you'll get an invitation code, invite your friends to use AdsPower and you can earn 50% commission on their first-month purchase.

24/7 support
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AdsPower RPA – Automate processes of managing multiple accounts

AdsPower RPA is a new feature of AdsPower that automates processes of managing multiple accounts. It frees you from the most mundane and repetitive tasks and processes.

What is RPA?

RPA (robotic process automation) is an application aimed at automating business processes. Using RPA tools, a company can configure software, or a “robot,” to capture and interpret applications for completing any automation tasks. RPA provides enterprises with the ability to reduce human error and improve efficiency.

AdsPower RPA is particularly ideal for repetitive tasks. With the help of this new function, you can handle numerous tasks like automatically filling out web forms, operating websites, drawing traffic to your site, warming up Facebook accounts, browsing products, publishing reviews on Amazon, adding products to the Amazon cart, and so on. All created processes are executed locally, so the data generated in the AdsPower app will be stored locally instead of being synchronized across multiple devices.

Use cases of AdsPower RPA
  • Case I: warm up a bunch of Facebook accounts
We all know that aged and real-looking Facebook accounts are the best option for Facebook marketing, no matter if you’re to post in groups or to deliver ads. Now the problem is, if you happen to have a lot of Facebook accounts, how can you warm them up as quickly as possible? Manual process is out of the question – too slow and inefficient.

Solution: AdsPower RPA can help you warm up a large number of Facebook accounts efficiently and without interruption by automating these processes: liking posts, browsing news, creating pages, and publishing posts.

How to do it?

1. Open the AdsPower app and find “Processes” under “RPA”.
2. Click on “Create a task flow”. AdsPower provides some task templates for users, so you can simply select one of them and change the necessary part as you wish.
[Image: H3474590ebc1b4313b813e60fdfed4f75f.png]

3.When the task is created, go to “Account Management” and select accounts, which you’d like to operate using RPA.
[Image: He738a919b9a6469ca43fa441f315863b7.png]

4.Click on the blue “RPA” button and choose the task you want to run.
[Image: Hc0d7659ff7904923a2ea35c60152a41az.png]

P.S. If you need to schedule the task or run it everyday, it’s recommended to run scheduled tasks.
  • Case II. Add to cart on Amazon
Amazon has very strict rules about accounts and stores. But to grow sales, multiple accounts are in need to manage your online business. Every Amazon business owner wants to rank their products higher on Amazon. To make this done, a great number of accounts will be used to add the products to cart and boost feedback rating, in the meantime keyword optimization is also necessary for increasing the conversion rate and the listing strength.

Solution: AdsPower RPA is good at dealing with large workloads. There are occasions when the workload abnormally increases and the work has to been done manually. But AdsPower RPA saves you the trouble by automatically browsing products and adding them to the cart on Amazon. This method proves to be precise and efficient!

How to do it?

1.Same as what we do with Facebook accounts, we need to create a work flow of adding to cart in AdsPower.

[Image: Ha0c3439374b243a6b7b932914fe786f7U.png]

AdsPower RPA is now available for all paid subscriptions within the latest version! Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment in AdsPower app:
[Image: H47f6c46315cb49c09ce5d8b83425cfe5a.png]
RPA Recorder - Customize Your Own RPA Workflow with One Click

The new feature of AdsPower RPA can automate a bunch of repetitive tasks on Facebook and Amazon, helping improve your efficiency and effectiveness. AdsPower provides some templates, such as “Create FB posts”, “Add to cart on Amazon”, etc. But we should admit the fact that only the users themselves know what exactly they need for boosting their businesses. Therefore, today we’re presenting a brand new RPA plug-in - RPA recorder to assist you with customize your own RPA workflow.

What’s good about RPA recorder?

RPA recorder can be used for automation in ANY websites. Once you finish recording a particular process, you can import it as an RPA task, then you can execute the task in your profiles.

There are two strengths of RPA recorder that are worth paying attention to:
I.Simplify the process of creating new RPA templates.
II.Quickly customize RPA workflows

How to use RPA recorder?

1.Install the plug-in

1) Application center -> Recorder action -> Turn on the plug-in

[Image: H0c17b8615103433783be4b081210c135E.png]

2) Open a random profile from “Profile Management” and check if the plug-in has been turned on.

[Image: H2a670b46aeb14da4aa28884918658f13r.png]

2.Start recording

1) Open a profile, in which you’ve logged in to an Amazon account. Run the RPA recorder plug-in and click on “Record now”.

[Image: H4bce8ce5fc2c4996ab43b2ea2abd04504.png]

2) Search for a product, for example, AirPods, then browse the results and add one to cart. The recorder will record the whole process.

[Image: He97f095f6c1a4218832cde91c3beb7f9i.png]

3) When finishing recording, click on “Stop” and “Export”.

[Image: H556255c1896b4fcc8bb27e3c6a863c02y.png]

4) Go back to AdsPower, create an RPA task and edit the name, then import the process that has just been exported (RPA Robot -> Processes -> Create a task flow -> Import -> Add).

[Image: H7864fb1d567c4e81a9a8d26273bde01fc.png]

5) Go to “Profile Management”, choose a profile, in which you want to run the new RPA process.

[Image: H856b93c04bb34637a98c491817756848R.png]

*If you want to know how the task goes, go to RPA Robot -> Task details and check the results.

[Image: Hd4531ae8d6a1415c8b238bb2617ad7c2R.png]
Since the establishment of AdsPower, hundreds of thousands of users have contributed to the growth of our community by creating their own referral program and recommending us to their networks. We’ve always been deeply thankful for that.

AdsPower has been devoted to building a strong and long-lasting affiliate network. We want to share with our friends more benefits. Therefore we decided to upgrade our referral program from September 1!

💲 Earn 10% of your referee’s monthly subscription for up to 24 months
🕛 Starting from 00:00, September 1, 2021 (UTC+8)

Get your invitation code when registering, and distribute it wherever you can! 🤩
[Image: KFeEugr1hnokO5w.jpg]

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New Service of IP Selling: Get 20% off Now

For anyone who’s making money online, no matter if they’re running businesses or doing affiliate programs, social media appears to be the place where everyone is heading to.

Experienced players on social media know that to make the most of these networks, multiple accounts are indispensable for driving traffic to their hubs. However, handling with multiple accounts is not as easy as you might think. You’ll need to make the account look as “real” as possible by creating a convincing profile and behaving like a normal person. Still, even after all you have done, you can get a ban from the platform simply because of one thing that you might have ignored: the IP address.

When you create and manage multiple accounts from one IP address, there’s a great chance that you’ll get a “red card” from the website as it has found out you own more than one account, which is usually against the policy. But if you log in to the same account several times from different IP addresses, the risk of being banned is still high due to the unusual login activity.

So how exactly to solve the problem of IP? We’ve got a solution for you!

To help our users achieve success in multiple account management, we decided to provide a new service - proxies selling.

What’s good about it?
  • Static proxies – the proxies provided by AdsPower are static proxies, being fast and highly anonymous, they can cover up your IP address with another legitimate residential IP and allow you to avoid account suspensions.
  • Ability to work with diverse websites – the proxies can be used for all social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, VK, etc.
  • A wide range of GEO – AdsPower supports a wide range of geo-locations, enabling you to access your accounts from a specific location.
  • Convenience – buy proxies in AdsPower and use them immediately without filling out proxy information.

It should be noted that static proxies apply to not only social media. They are used whenever changing IP addresses could lead to blocks or bans, like making a purchase or price comparison on ecommerce websites, web scraping and so on.

Sounds great, but how to buy proxies and use them in AdsPower?

1. Buy proxies in AdsPower

Open AdsPower and log in to your account, go to “IP Service” and click on “Buy proxies”. Choose location, rental period, and quantity and submit the order.

[Image: Hd0d167487d7742f8b68a303c4a53af80V.png]

2. Check the status of proxies

Go to “IP Service”, where the information of the proxies is displayed.

[Image: H4f9c9c096ad042f09bd040af024efbb6n.png]

The proxies will be assigned to your account within 24 hours after payment. So you can wait for a bit if you don’t see the proxies right away, or check the status in the dashboard.

[Image: H514c66a12b7841be87ecca5c2c51b5e3N.png]

3. Configure purchased proxies in AdsPower

Click “Single Import”, choose “Proxy list”, then you can use proxies you bought from AdsPower. If you click “Buy proxies” in here, you’ll be redirected to “IP Service”, where you can buy proxies as mentioned above.

[Image: H7ec58e1377e140be827f0c5c86184d0cA.png]

At the moment we have a bonus for buying proxies from AdsPower20% off discount. Start working  with anonymous static proxies now!

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Introduction to AdsPower Local API

[Image: Hbcdc25b6651946b4af8f91a101b87a3e0.png]

AdsPower Local API can programmatically perform basic functions like retrieving account information, starting and closing the browser, searching for accounts, etc. The Local API can also help realize browser automation using automation frameworks, such as Selenium and Puppeteer. More functional interfaces and customized features are available for subscriptions with advanced API access.

How to use AdsPower Local API

1.Get an AdsPower Local API
2.Open AdsPower app and keep login
3.Check if the API is successfully set up (Account Management -> Settings)

[Image: Hcc32f3fe235648c1b4d46aa96b63a991i.png]

[Image: H6081cc53649a4ca998b1e51d7c001036t.png]

List of AdsPower Local API

[Image: He9cc39c25c294635be4ba8f96bf7b89ef.png]

How to get the AdsPower Local API

AdsPower Local API is now available for all subscriptions. Please contact the Online Client Service in case of need.

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Boost Efficiency with AdsPower’s New RPA Templates

Since the release of RPA robot, we have received feedback from users claiming their fondness to RPA, which significantly helps them improve work efficiency. Today we want to share with you exciting news - new RPA templates have been around! Come check out what new templates can do for you.

Join Facebook groups
Whoever engaged in SMM certainly knows that joining groups, especially those that are strongly related to your business, is an important step when warming up an account. This template can help join designated groups as multiple profiles at one time.

Like and share videos on Facebook
To bring a video to the top, it’s not rare to like and share the video using multiple accounts. This process is not complicated but is quite time consuming, but with this template, it can be easily automated.

Scrape Amazon reviews
Reviews give merchants insights into how customers like their products or competitors’, enabling merchants to look for new keywords from these comments. However, to scrape hundreds of pages of reviews is not something that can be done in the blink of an eye, let alone if you have multiple stores to deal with. In this case, the “Scrape Amazon review” template allows to set up the number of pages that you want to scrape, after the crawling is done, a document will be generated.

Invite friends to like pages on Facebook
It helps you invite random friends to like specific pages on Facebook, saving your time and making everthing quicker.

Browse products on Etsy
Emulate human behavior on Etsy: browsing specific products and randomly view product details. Similar templates for Poshmark and Mercari are also available.

Like videos on TikTok
Watch videos on home page of TikTok, give likes and leave comments under a random video.

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AdsPower’s Upcoming Year-End Sale

Dear friends, we are glad to announce that our year-end sale is coming!


💎Double referral commission
⏰Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2021
💥During this time period, you can get twice as many referral rewards as previous!
*Available for users on the new referral program (10%×24 months)

💎Cashback on $100+ orders
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💎Cashback on annual subscriptions
⏰Nov 1 - Dec 31, 2021
💥A monthly fee will be returned to your balance!
*Available for users who purchase a yearly subscription (12 months)

Hurry up! Don’t miss these once-a-year bonuses! 🤩

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