Adobe Password Hash?
by nktagtr - April 30, 2021 at 06:12 PM
Anyone knows which hash using Adobe?
I am trying to decrypt the Base64 but then a string comes out that are with symbols lmao...

It seems like:
114233452-|--|[email protected]|-UvgOtsP+v1E=-|-|--
114233453-|--|[email protected]|-Awq2tP4UQvUDDM5y6e6/lQ==-|-09|--
114233454-|--|[email protected]|-shfjeW10q+U=-|-|--
114233455-|--|[email protected]|-aDb0aMSkknc=-|-nao sei|--
114233456-|--|[email protected]|-PO0YtcDPMdvioxG6CatHBw==-|-|--
114233457-|--|[email protected]|-vZl14k7gQ4c=-|-the green one|--
114233458-|--|[email protected]|-y+TQmJi0plE=-|-ze|--
114233459-|--|[email protected]|-j9p+HwtWWT86aMjgZFLzYg==-|-|--

Would be nice if someone answer Smile
They’re encrypted, if it looks like Base64 but isn’t it’s probably some AES variant, just from my experience with these things.
As moot stated it's likely encrypted. Formlerly Adobe used Triple DES for password encryption.
The Adobe and Tumblr came out around the sametime and I always forget which it was, but one was missing the salts and othe other was some custom version of DES... I believe. Anyway, other than emails, the shits are useless. Big shame.

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